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LOT NO.: 217
DESCRIPTION: Hanna Weynerowska Kali Painting, B. 1918.

Hanna Weynerowska Kali "Bachelor`s Honeymoon" painting (B. 1918 - 1998), signed Kali, with verso label of Lady Blanka Rosenstiel (Honorary Consul to Poland) who was the founder of The American Institute of Polish Culture Inc in Miami, FL.

Hanna Weynerowska Kali

Her story begins with the year of the War - World War II, to be precise. Just at the time that she graduated with highest praise and promise from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland was invaded. And so, instead of continuing her studies, the young girl became a member of the underground armed forces. Kali was the name under which she was known in the Polish resistance movement. After completing a secret officers` school, the former art student became a member of a Diversion and Sabotage Unit, with such assignments as blowing up bridges, tunnels, or highways - instead of painting them. In the tragic Warsaw uprising of 1944 Kali was wounded and decorated for bravery. As a POW she was later taken to a camp in Germany. Liberated within the Russian zone, once the war ended, she made an adventurous escape into West Germany and turned up, very much displaced, under American protection.

Kali managed to reach Belgium in the Fall of 1945. At last she could resume again her life as an artist, and she started by getting enrolled at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels after marrying Mr. Henryk Weynerowski. The conservatism of the former was restraining for the young Polish artist, who continued to use her wartime name in signing her paintings and whose dynamic individuality was now intent on finding a full expression. For the ensuing five years she painted in Switzerland, Sweden, Luxembourg, England, and France. Her one-man shows included Brussels, London and Paris.

In 1950 Kali left for Canada. Her shows were held in all major Canadian cities, and after she won several prizes and high critical praise she was chosen, among others, to represent Canada at the international exhibition of modern art in Sao Paulo, Brazil, also in Caracas, Venezuela.

In 1953 she has moved with her husband to San Francisco where she intends to stay for good. The Legion of Honor exhibition is not her first in the United States. In 1952 Kali held her one-man show at the Weyhe. Her never-ending search for the meaning of the extraordinary puzzles of our world culminates in paintings which trace her own solution of the surrounding enigma. In full command of her means, Kali makes us participate in and share the compelling convictions of her discoveries

She is an artist whose ascent cannot fail to impress and stir. Completely devoted to her art, she brings to it a healthy freshness, and her canvases radiate the very essence of her own undaunted vitality.

With such recommendation of her value, Kali must be recognized as a significant contributor to American art.

Hanna Weynerowska-Kali, passed away in 1998.
ESTIMATE PRICE:  $2,000.00 - $3,000.00
 November 02, 2013
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